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Services to intellectual professions

Group Casier analyzes for different occupational groups, the risks associated with liability of primarily intellectual performances. This form of liability, which is called in the jargon professional liability, requires a special customized solution. Traditional liability insurances offer no guarantee for this.

We consult regularly with the relevant professional associations and search for experience on the field through personal interviews with entrepreneurs.Once we are able to assess the risks properly, we negotiate a customized insurance with interested insurance companies.

In this way we can offer in-house developed solutions for the insurance to professional liability for environmental coordinators, energy experts, safety advisers for the transport of dangerous goods and web developers.

In addition to the professions listed above, we offer the opportunity for other professional activities to develop an appropriate insurance solution, depending on the risks and needs. All this based on the principles of transparent communication and comparative market analysis.

The traditional liberal professions such as doctors, lawyers, curators, notaries, accountants and architects can always contact us for their professional liability insurance, in addition to the guarantees which they enjoy through their Bar or professional association.

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