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Liberal professions

Liberal professions:

Since a long time Group Casier has built a specialty around the insurance for liberal professions.

Thus the office in Gent Group Casier Risk & Insurance scrl was developed even more than 60 years ago, around medical clientele. Until today, we assure a significant portfolio doctors, specialists, medics and paramedics, both individually and in group contracts. The special focus on customized solutions, monitoring of the evolution of legislation and case law, and the meticulous attention to the strictly necessary confidentiality provide a personal and professional management of these files.

For engineers and architects, we have developed a service that closely matches the project-based nature of this profession. Contract management around liability and insurance is an essential part of our offer. We also offer solutions for international projects.

Liberal professions, which traditionally insure their professional liability through their Bar (lawyers and trustees) or through their professional association (accountants) may appeal to Group Casier for strengthening their basic insurance through additional layers of insurance.

You can ask for more information from Marc Peltyn.


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