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UNiBA Partners: Quest for Resilience (VIDEO)

Since 2007 Group Casier is member of UNiBA-Partners, one of the leading international brokers networks, active throughout the world. 
The network makes high demands on personal quality service to mutual customers.

For the customers of Group Casier with foreign affiliates, we offer open and transparent arrangements for the full insurance services. This way they can maintain the unity of the insurance file at an international level.
We develop international insurance programs, complemented by global and local insurance policies.

We build a customized international insurance package, and take care of the global reporting to headquarters, without losing sight of the necessary local communication. All this is clearly reflected in a set of instructions, around insurance and management that is collected in a "Insurance Manual".

Our services around Integral Risk and Insurance Management are fully extended to the international dimension.

Within UNiBA-Partners we also handle the services to the Belgian subsidiaries of the companies that are operated by our foreign colleagues.
Such cooperation is for each party a source of expertise and the inspiration to the continuous updating of the cooperation with our customers.

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