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DKV attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data. DKV therefore undertakes to treat them in accordance with this new GDPR regulation. Therefore, it seems important to them to inform you of their privacy policy. You will find their privacy statement and an information document on their website

Please refer to DKV's FAQ for more questions about GDPR.
DKV Belgium doesn't have an English site, please view the translation via this link.

Infoflash DKV - 14/05/2018 - GDPR: what are the consequences for you as a customer?

Each insured (regardless of whether he is individually or collectively insured) will receive an explanatory letter in the next few days together with our Privacy Statement and as many consent forms as there are insured persons in his policy. We ask the customer to return to us these consent forms, dated and signed, by post or digitally via the personal portal MyDKV. Unfortunately, without these consent forms, we will no longer be able to process claims for reimbursement of medical expenses.

Our policy is the result of a legal obligation. As of May 25, 2018, the law prohibits us from processing medical data without having received the explicit consent of the insured. This prohibition can only be levied by the insured person himself/herself. That is why we need the consent of our insured parties to process their medical data, whether it is for the conclusion of a contract or for a simple claim for reimbursement. We also recall that GDPR is a European regulation. This takes precedence over Belgian law.

What if you have not received or have lost the request for permission sent to you by DKV?

DKV prefers that you go through the personal MyDKV portal where you can give your permission at any time, without having to have paper documents at your disposal. However, if you require a paper version for your permission, you can request it via the normal communication channels: e-mail, telephone or via the contact form on the website DKV will then send you a personal consent form by post, which you can then date and sign and return to us. Or you can deliver the documents to your current broker, who will hand them over to DKV.

What if you have not yet sent your agreement back to DKV and still ask for a refund for your medical expenses after May 25th?

DKV will automatically send you a new request for permission by post, so that you can comply with the new GDPR regulations. As soon as DKV has received the consent form dated and signed, they can process your application for reimbursement.

Press Release DKV - 28/05/2018

After the letters were sent to the insured with the request that they give their express consent to treat their medical data, alarming messages appeared in certain media.

In order to reassure everyone (customers and insurance intermediaries), DKV has issued a press release. This should provide an answer to the questions our customers are asking themselves.
FAQs have also been placed on the website in this respect.

View DKV's press release (in Dutch) here.

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