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Electric Vehicles

ELVAS: Electric Vehicle Assurance

ELVAS: Electric Vehicle Assurance

The first insurance product on the market, specially created for electric driving!

Group Casier introduces, in collaboration with Allianz Benelux NV, a new insurance product for 100% electric passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Benefits of this insurance

The civil liability premium is calculated on the basis of kWh

Currently, the insurance premium is usually calculated on the basis of the number of kW of a car. However, this criterion is not relevant for a 100% electric car.
In the ELVAS program your premiums are calculated correctly, which allows very competitive premiums.
Do not hesitate to ask for your offer!

All risk' coverage as an alternative for the classic omnium

Our alternative for the omnium is an "all risks material damage" cover. Any material damage resulting from an accident or theft is covered. This applies to the car as well as to the battery or the electrical components of the car!

The depreciation is 0,05 EUR per kilometre driven, starting from 10,000 kilometres driven. This is a particularly low depreciation due to the fact that electric cars are much less prone to wear and tear.


The assistance insurance of the VAB provides the traditional cover. It is also possible to have yourself transported to the nearest charging station by a VAB employee.

Online tool

We have developed * to calculate a quote and to underwrite your insurance policy.  *The website at this point is only available in Dutch or French.
For additional questions, please contact the e-mail address (Menen office) and (Ghent office).

Meet our partner:

Drive electric, charge everywhere.

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