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Group Casier provides Carsharing Insurance

Group Casier provides Carsharing Insurance

Together with Cozywheels (, Group Casier has developed a motorcar insurance that is fully adapted to the Carsharing needs. This insurance is strictly reserved to the Cozywheels members and offers the following benefits:

  • The carsharing risk is clearly mentioned in the policy. So this excludes any discussion on that topic. This causes a higher security.
  • The premium, that is calculated on the lowest base, is a flat premium, not changeable due to any possible accident.
  • Claims statistics are kept up for each driver.  So if someone later on wants to  close his own car insurance, he will be able to prove his claim free years as a shared car driver.
  • The legal assistance policy and the roadside assistance subscription are elaborated especially fitting car sharing needs.

Members of Cozywheels can request this insurance online, also in the English language!

The website tells you if you are eligible for this insurance. You can calculate several quotes for different combinations of guaranties and you can order the insurance policies based on your choses combination. You can also manage online the co-conductors of your vehicle and the insured guaranties.

if you want to ask any question to our operator, please sent a mail to

Cozycar becomes cozywheels

As of December 15, 2020, Cozycar has been renamed 'Cozywheels'. A new name for a renewed approach.

Picture cozywheels
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