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New vehicle registration certificate



From 1 September 2013, the RC is composed of two parts. Each element is to be stored separately: a "vehicle" part and a "home" part. 

Two part RCs alone (without registration plate) have a charge: EUR 26 is to be paid to the bpost delivery person.

It is possible to track the delivery of an RC.
It is only sent to the holder's official address (no second delivery address).


A two-part registration certificate, as permitted under European regulations, will bring to an end fraudulent practices with motor vehicles! The theft of a document in a vehicle means that another vehicle cannot be registered with this document.


The registration certificate (RC) is made up of two parts: one to be kept in the vehicle and one to be kept at home.

Upon receipt, the holder should carefully separate the two parts.

The two elements are necessary for the sale, registration and re-registration of a vehicle.

The two elements together make up a single document: they have the same reference number (document number).


  • This applies for all RC applications: duplicates, and changes of address equally. For all contact with the DIV, the two elements should be included with the application form for registration.
  • Damaged RCs are not exchanged at local offices as is the case for damaged registration plates. Therefore: a new RC and not a new registration plate. The CIM is sent by post.
  • In case of loss/theft of one part of the RC, it should be declared to the police + presentation of the "remaining" part. They will report the complete document. You should then request a duplicate from the DIV by enclosing the "remaining" piece with the declaration from the police.
  • Requests for copies are no longer accepted, even if the copy is damaged, even if the request is still being processed. Therefore: a new RC and not a new registration plate.
  • A new two-part CIM can be requested while keeping the European registration plate number.
  • The introduction of the two-part RC means that leasing companies no longer receive a copy of the registration certificate. The ability to request a copy for leasing has been removed in the WebDIV application.
  • The statement: "This certificate is not proof of ownership of the vehicle" has been made compulsory by a European Directive, so as to make it clear whether the RC is a property deed or not: in Belgium, this is not the case.


  • For a regular test, the "vehicle" section is sufficient, as the data on the "home" section and the "vehicle" section are identical.
  • For a test prior to a sale: the two sections should be presented.
  • In the case of changing vehicle data, the request for registration and the "vehicle" section of the certificate of registration is sufficient.


  • After payment of EUR 26 to the bpost delivery person, only to the holder's official address.
  • In case of absence, the postman leaves a "notification of attempted delivery" card in your letterbox. The RC is available for 15 days at the post office or the local bpost point.
  • After 15 days: the package is sent back to DIV Brussels. You can come and collect the registration certificate after payment by bancontact only.
  • Registration plate only or registration plate + CIM: EUR 30. Possibility of delivery address.


For applications for registration sent to the DIV prior to 1 September 2013, but processed definitively after this date, a new registration certificate will be delivered for EUR 26 (EUR 30 if a new registration plate is also provided).

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