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Market Research

The insurance solutions that we offer are made via an independent market research that differs according to the customer segment.
For companies (with more than 20 employees), we organize for each individual insurance risk a personalized research in the relevant insurance market. The results of this study are freely communicated to the customer, accompanied by a substantiated choice of advice. In agreement with the company in question, the market research is scheduled every three years in an open and perpetual calendar. 

Unless at intermediate risk changes or market changes, each individual risk, will be repeatedly tested within the agreed calendar, in the manner described.
For associations, self-employed professionals and small businesses (under 19 employees), we work with the focus on the total package, based on global, not individualized market research, differentiated according to the activity. The chosen solutions are regularly tested against market trends, and adjusted in function of a better price / quality. Special insurance needs, enjoy the solution of individualized study, based on our experience in such risks. For retail customers, we also search for package solutions for their total insurance needs. At regular intervals, we organize, in a global way, market surveys of the most important brokerage companies. That way we can tailor our standard solutions, where necessary, to a renewed market supply. This method does not exclude that we carry out an individual assessment for a special insurance need.

If you wish for any individual file to know the basis on which your insurance was created, then you can receive upon simple request a certificate from us about this.
Competition in the Co-insurance: Group Casier supports the idea that fair competition benefits the customer. For co-insurance, this translates into the following agreement between Assuralia and federations of insurance brokers.

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