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The transition from analogue to digital technology has changed the world of media completely, creating a thriving Belgian industry. We try to follow this evolution and align the risk and insurance management closely to these rapid changes.
The boundaries between print, television, computer, radio and events are almost completely gone.
The production of these media applications is using all available resources.

Group Casier has been supplying services to the media industry and offers solutions to cope with fast changing risks. Our existing customer relationships, and our partnership with FEWEB, the Federation of web companies gave us a wide practical experience.

The evolution from analog to digital creates a totally new approach of the production insurance. The risks on intellectual property followed the rise and growth of the Internet. Group Casier developed its own Media-liability insurance removing the distinction between the different media and focussing on the issue of intellectual property. While advising the production insurance, we prefere a solution oriented approach. We maintain the focus on the realization of the project and avoid where possible the negative energy caused by internal conflicts between the parties involved in the production.

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